Light: Self-Discovery Oracle Card

Jordin James
2 min readOct 18, 2021

Embodying your light requires you to let go of all the illusions you hide behind. It requires you to see yourself as you actually are, not as you’d rather see yourself.

Your light exposes your humanity. But at the same time, your light points you to your inherent divinity.

Even in your humanity, you have always been worthy of love. You have always been powerful. You have always been far more beautiful than your opinion of yourself.

Your light exposes your secrets and requires you to live openly, honestly, and vulnerably. This frees you to experience the joy of living authentically.

Live in your light for your sake, but know that when you liberate yourself from your poor opinion of yourself, it inspires others to do the same.

Light Card Journal Prompts

  • What is the kindest possible opinion you could have of yourself?
  • How would you move in the world if you had this opinion of yourself?
  • What can you do to remind yourself of this truth about who you are daily? (This is how you begin to live in your light).

Light Card Affirmations

  • Living in my light inspires other people to do the same.
  • I have always been worthy of love.
  • I live in my light when I live authentically.

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