A Commitment To Confusion

What I have to say to my confused Parts.

Parts are in confusion and believe their confusion.

There are so many judgments on what we should or should not write about. If it was up to them, we would not write at all. But literally all we have to do is write something, publish it, and share it with people. It does not have to be good. It does not have to be helpful. It just has to be.

Parts have reclaimed their commitment to confusion. They say it is because they are afraid of the judgments of others.

When we are clear about who we are and what we want, our life biforcates.

On the one hand, clarity brings judgment and separation from all that is not serving us. But just because it is not serving us does not mean we don’t hold it dear.

And on the other hand, clarity brings us radical connection with all that is serving us. My Parts do not know which one they fear more. For there are terrors of connection for my inner system as well.

So Parts are confused again because they are afraid of a commitment to clarity. They are afraid of the boundaries we will have to set and the vulnerability we have to endure.

But I am unconcerned about the confusion of my Parts, because I know each moment is divine. I know here is enough. I know confusion will not last the night.

So to my lovely confused Parts I say,

  1. Go slow.
  2. Trust in the grace of today.
  3. Look for what is good. Look for what is here instead of not here.
  4. Stop trying to figure anything out.
  5. Be still and let Love meet us here.
  6. I’ve got you. I hear you. I love you. Trust.
  7. You are safe.

I write from my raw experience. If my words give something to you, I am open for donations at cash app $justjordinjames and venmo @jordinjames.

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