Once you understand your inner world, a deeper level of healing, self-love, and connection with others becomes possible.

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A Quick Overview of Who You Are

Your parts help you get your needs met. They help you get food, love, and everything else you need to survive. …

My fear of abandonment is the only thing keeping me from thriving.

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I’ve been crippled by a fear of abandonment for as long as I remember.

Maybe it started when my dad locked my brother and I in a room when we were toddlers so he could spend his time with the women that came over. Or maybe when my parents started dating after their divorce. Or maybe my fear of abandonment stems from being cheated on in most every relationship I’ve been in, including my marriage.

But I’m not interested in psychoanalyzing the origin. Not anymore, at least.

I am interested in redemption. I am interested in freeing myself from the…

A love letter from Love herself.

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I must choose trust.

I must choose that I am enough.

I must risk the abandonment of others for the sake of my light. My life.

I wrote these words in my journal during a time of great pain. I am breaking out of the mold the patriarchy has set for me. This brings me some hope, but mostly it brings me the terror of abandonment. …

I channeled a voice that spoke about shame, bodies, solitude, and awakening.

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Hey whats up everyone, Jordin here with another mushroom trip article.

I took about 3 grams of mushrooms and went for a hike in the woods. I brought my phone with me to write things down, since that’s what I always seem to want to do when the mushies start speaking to me.

And I’m glad I did write all of this down. Because holy shit. What I heard this channeled voice say to me was fucking fascinating.

Most of what I wrote down was directly channeled, as in it felt like someone else speaking to me. But occasionally I…

My healing will come with the quiet realization that I am here in this body and nobody can tell me that is a bad thing.

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I caught myself in a mindless scroll of fit girl Instagram. Even with this awareness, I was compelled to scroll several more times before I put my phone down.

When I finally did, I noticed there was a heaviness in my chest.

After a lifetime of dissociating from that feeling in my chest, I had to talk myself into feeling it. It led me to sadness, and I started to cry.

It was a soundless and tearless cry. My face scrunched up all ugly, my chest caved in, my head hung low. …

Jordin James

I write from my raw experience. If my words give something to you, I am open for donations at cash app $justjordinjames and venmo @jordinjames.

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