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Hey whats up everyone, Jordin here with another mushroom trip article.

I took about 3 grams of mushrooms and went for a hike in the woods. I brought my phone with me to write things down, since that’s what I always seem to want to do when the mushies start speaking to me.

And I’m glad I did write all of this down. Because holy shit. What I heard this channeled voice say to me was fucking fascinating.

Most of what I wrote down was directly channeled, as in it felt like someone else speaking to me. But occasionally I…

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I caught myself in a mindless scroll of fit girl Instagram. Even with this awareness, I was compelled to scroll several more times before I put my phone down.

When I finally did, I noticed there was a heaviness in my chest.

After a lifetime of dissociating from that feeling in my chest, I had to talk myself into feeling it. It led me to sadness, and I started to cry.

It was a soundless and tearless cry. My face scrunched up all ugly, my chest caved in, my head hung low. …

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What is the conversation you are called to have with life today?

Not, “What is the conversation you are called to have for tomorrow or in the future or for the rest of your life?” Just, “Today?”

Your only job is to participate in the conversation Love wants to have with you today. You’re only ever required to participate in today.

All the other days? That’s overwhelming.

Even the next segment of today can be too overwhelming.

So let’s break this down even more.

What is the conversation Life is wanting to have with you in this moment?

In this…

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When you come to the end of the road you’ve been walking, do not fear.

Yes, this road brought you far.

Yes, this road brought you here.

But there is no one road that will take you all the way. And now it is time to find the next one.

You will panic when you reach the end. You will try to alleviate this panic by trying to retrace your steps. But do not look backwards. You are not going that way.

What road will take me there if not the one that brought me here? Where is the new…

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Hey whats up it’s Jordin. I took about 1.5 grams of shrooms and had myself a little trip. This amount of shrooms is a little more than a microdose experience but not quite a full-on mushroom trip for me.

Some interesting thoughts came out of my trip, and I want to share them with you in their raw format. They came in bits and spurts, which is why I broke them up into different sections in this article.

I’ll have some commentary throughout, which will be in this italicized font. But I’ll try to keep my commentary to a minimum…

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Survival mode is about pushing.

Thriving is about letting yourself be pulled.

Pulled by Love. By your purpose. By all things good.

For a long time all I could do was stop pushing myself. This was a great start but it left me longing to participate in my life. I was longing to let myself be pulled by something. I was longing to be inspired to live my life again, but this time in a new way.

I thought I would be inspired once everything was healed. Once I could “get to the bottom” of my shame and “root it…

Photo by Daniel Cano

This is no longer about something I am supposed to do.

This is no longer about my performance.

It is about trusting the life force within me.

I can feel it in my belly and chest. It is all around me. Like I am on a galloping horse tearing across the land. Both on a mission and surrendering completely to the play of the thrill.

I’ve been afraid of this life force within me. The one calling me to get on the horse of my purpose. The one calling me to fully participate in my life.

I asked myself why…

Jordin James

I write from my raw experience. If my words give something to you, I am open for donations at cash app $justjordinjames and venmo @jordinjames.

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